Resources: Blogs

There is a wealth of information available in our InfoSec Community via a growing online library of blogs. I’ll do my best to update and add to this.  The first blog I would point anyone to is by Lesley Carhart, or @hacks4pancakes on Twitter. She had done more for our community than I can say, and helps those new to the community, those seeking work, or those who really need someone to listen.  She combines technical knowledge with a real understanding of business, digital forensics and GRC. Truly one of the best people I know. And my next recommendation for a good overall understanding of InfoSec is by Swift on Security. If you aren’t following her on Twitter – why? Tazz or @grcninja has a way with words – direct, blunt and accurate. She gets defense, has seen the stupid, and knows tech.   Her fighting instincts make her a formidable adversary and someone whose opinion I greatly respect. She is one of our go-to sources on OSINT in security, and her blog is a must-read.  If you follow @munin on Twitter, you’ll know why. There is much wisdom here.  This site has lots to offer, and so does @b3taW0lf. Great hacker insights and he’s just starting out.  Recommended readings by Andrew Case.

Industry Security Blogs

Privacy:  I know Sarah Clarke very well, so consider this a good recommendation.

IoT Security Stephen Ridley and this company have a lot to say and we need to listen. The IoT is taking us down a road we don’t want to be on. Ben Johnson of Carbon Black is now on their advisory board, and he, too, knows how to look ahead of the curve.

Code Curmudgeon has a list of all known hacks for IoT here.

ARM and Assembly   This is a fantastic resource by Azeria Labs.  This is your introduction to ARM and Assembly that leads up to exploit with a good comparison between ARM and INTEL.

Pentesting  Holly Graceful comes highly recommending with friendly, informatinve walk-thru’s and how-tos.

Mainframes: Just check the whole section on ’em! @bigendiansmalls and @mainframed767 are your goto guys

Tools & Hacking


Awesome Hacking toolkit by @jekil

40 Great Sites to practice your hacking skills


Mainstream Intel Sources