I’ve archived my previous work to update this section, but it’s important to be look back to see patterns and historical context. A lot has happened in just a couple of years of rapid evolution.

  • Highly targeted attacks on corporations vs ransom individuals
  • Big Game Hunting – knowing how much that corporation can pay and scaling the demands higher
  • RaaS – Ransomware as a Service
  • Setting affiliates up for success with access brokering
  • The unholy trinity of Emotet/Trickbot/QBot.
  • Ryuk
  • Maze
  • Extortionist Ransomware
  • Name & Shame sites.
  • Nation states get in on the action
  • The rise and fall and rebirth of groups: Ryuk/Conti, Maze/Egregor
  • Add some DDoS in there for extra incentive
  • OMFG Egregor