It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

It’s that time of year again! When we enjoy a pumpkin spice latte with an extra helping of security. Because those free wifi hotspots come at a price.

You’ll be seeing lots of friendly reminders online this month, and we can all use a refresher on how to “keep it secret, keep it safe”. Gandalf was wise indeed!

So today is a quick review of easy wins for you to get started 😃

1. Protect your passwords. Don’t share them. Don’t write them on sticky notes or where others can see them. And make them long and strong: go for 16 characters with numbers and special characters

2. Use a VPN. Virtual private networks are not all powerful but they’ll shield your sensitive data from public access

3. Think before you click. Seriously! Scammers are rampant and creative. Don’t click on attachments from strangers or unexpected links from familiar names. Stranger danger ⚠️

4. Update all the things: Windows, Chrome, iOS, Mac etc. Any software and operating systems, but even your printer or smart TV. Those security updates patch vulnerabilities in the code that can expose you through your unpatched devices

5. Bug off! Use antivirus and anti malware products to help keep watch over your systems and prompt you if something seems suspect

That’s a great start for now and these are tips you can share with family and friends to keep them safe too. Thanks for reading 😊

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