What I did on my Pandemic Summer Vacation 2021

There were donuts and APTs involved, just not at the same time πŸ˜‰

I was thrilled to speak at Defcon 29 Adversary Village about software supply chain compromise, highlighting Chinese threat actor groups.
And I got to share my passion on securing IoT with IoT Village! There have been a series of mass vulnerabilities affecting embedded devices
Then I had the thrill of speaking at AppSec Village on software supply chain compromise highlighting the abuse of trust.

The events were well done, with excellent talks and my sincere appreciation to the volunteers who made it all happen and were super helpful. I was so happy, so honored to have been invited to speak at each of these villages virtually this year, and to have been involved in Defcon this year. I miss the live conference experience and especially Hacker Summer Camp ❀

And yes, there was a trip to Maine and amazing donuts!
With an unexpected road trip at the end to get back home since flights were cancelled. But all went well!

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