The Diana Initiative 2021

Outstanding talks by these amazing speakers

Spark a Journey! This is the week! Friday July 16 and Saturday July 17. This year’s event will be virtual again, building off success and lessons learned from last year.

As the website states, TDI is a diversity-driven conference committed to helping all underrepresented genders, sexualities, races and cultures in Information Security.

The theme for 2021 is “Spark A Journey” to celebrate that force, that spark within each of us that can lead to many ways we inspire and drive change. The beautiful stylized images of the paper cranes by the wonderful @1dark1 represent metamorphosis, a symbolic re-emergence after the many long months of pandemic confinement and isolation. It’s a hopeful, empowering message we all need just now.

This year’s event will have multiple speaker tracks, fully expanded villages and workshops and a women-led Capture the Flag event. Tickets are available and so affordable! Get yours here and come join us:

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