Daily Perk 3/11/2021

This should do it!

Is there no end to the badness?! Cyberattack disrupts beer production per Bleeping Computer

Reports are coming out today that Molson Coors Beverage Company has suffered a cyberattack. The systems outage may cause disruption or delay affecting their brewery operations, shipments and production. While not yet confirmed, it looks like a ransomware attack hit Tuesday, prompting a shutdown to prevent further spread within the operation. I can’t even 😢

New malware “RedXOR” targeting Linux systems per Threatpost

Apparently Chinese APT groups aren’t busy enough. This new backdoor malware comes courtesy of the Winnti group, in targeted attacks on legacy Linux systems. Its capabilities include data exfil and tunneling traffic elsewhere plus more.

Heads up that Linux malware increased significantly over 2020. And interested parties include Russian bear APTs and cybercrime heavyhitter Carbanak. That’s important given the extent of cloud migration, and that Linux is running on most public cloud workloads.

Go Shodan Yourself!: And this. I spent last night searching Shodan, like many others in security, checking for both MS Exchange and f5 exposure. It is staggering how many organizations of all sizes and capabilities show up with things attackers would appreciate . Like TLS v1, or expired certificates. You can say you have mitigations in place, that your production gear isn’t exposed- but really, how are checking to see what others are finding about you? Stay safe!

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