Daily Perk 2/19/2021

Attackers can Bypass Mastercard PIN by Using it as VISA Card per The Hacker News

Oops! Security researchers found a PIN bypass attack using a chip and PIN secured VISA card without requiring the PIN. It exploits “serious” vulnerabilities that are known in the EMV contactless protocol, using an Android app in a man-in-the-middle attack that intercepts and manipulates the NFC or WiFi communications. The good news: Mastercard was notified in advance and attackers need the planets to align to pull this off. But it’s valid.

Decade-old Iranian APT Malware Still Running C&C from Dutch Data Center per Bitdefender

Gone but not forgotten. Actually still very much active and beaconing home. Iranian APT malware “Foudre” and “Tonnerre” were found operating on a server in a Dutch data center. They install a backdoor onto compromised Windows x86 and x64 machines for cyber espionage. Tonnerre is equipped for persistence, data exfil and all the spygame fun that Iranian APTs are notoriously good at.

Details of Exploit for Unpatched Internet Explorer 0-Day per Threatpost

Yes, this is that IE bug that a certain North Korean APT was using to lure security researchers in a very deceptive social engineering attack. The bug is still unpatched but security researchers with 0patch have details on where the bug exists and what triggers it. It’s described as a “double-free bug” triggered with JavaScript code and will corrupt memory in process space in Internet Explorer. No POC till there’s a patch and this could be weaponized.

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