Happy Valentine’s Day to me!


Nicole Perlroth is currently a cybersecurity reporter with the New York Times. This book has been years in the making, a history of dark secrets that are rarely divulged, let alone recorded, about cyber arms deals. A history of and cautionary tale on the development of the cyber weapons industry, with America at the center of things.

Now, I have strange tastes in bedtime stories. For years, “Countdown to ZeroDay”, the fabulous history on Stuxnet by Kim Zetter, has been my favourite. Seriously, I did read it to my kids. They’ve sadly outgrown bedtime stories but I haven’t and this book by Nicole Perlroth has everything I could ask for: dark topics, disturbing truths, and echoing thoughts I’ve expressed to the disbelief or disinterest of others (I wasn’t paranoid enough lol)I’ll be sharing tasty morsels as I make my way through.

“Russian hackers made a blood sport of hacking anyone and anything in Ukraine with a digital pulse”

Nicole perlroth

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