Daily Perk 2/8/2021

Safety Issue: iPhone 12 magnet array can disrupt implantable medical devices per ZDNet today. You or someone you care about don’t want to be carrying the latest iPhone in your shirt or upper suit jacket pocket if you have a pacemaker or other sensitive medical implants.

There has been important work done by security researchers, like Dr. Marie Moe, on how medical devices can be compromised. This may be another avenue to investigate.

Here’s How Iran Spies on Dissidents with the Help of Hackers per The Hacker News

Domestic surveillance is an ugly and brutal practice, used by repressive regimes against their citizens, to deny freedom. It’s important for us to learn what tactics are used, what devices and services abused because what works gets copied and carried over elsewhere. Iran has cultivated a highly skilled force in cyber espionage, which gathers valuable intel needed for initial access and highly targeted spear phishing attacks on external adversaries. What works domestically could be modified and applied elsewhere …

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