Tactical Edge Virtual Event 02/15/2020


I had a great time as a presenter on the Tactical Edge virtual event, sharing scary stories about IoT risks and attacks. This was a terrific and relaxed format, with Ed Rojas using his expert podcasting and interpersonal skills to engage each of the speakers in conversations on a range of topics. The virtual format made this affordable and accessible for the attendees, as the price was free and there was no travel involved. Perfect for students and those with no travel budgets and the learning opportunity – wow!

Presentations included:

Wolfgang Goerhlich on Zero Trust

Cheryl Biswas (me) on attacking enterprise networks via IoT

Timothy de Block on Agile security teams

John Svazic and gamifying tabletop exercises

Adrian Sanabria on dwell time by attackers in networks

Andrea Little Limbago on the global factors driving data protection


 Join me next for the Diana Initiative Leap Day event on Saturday Feb 29 at 11:00 est

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