Global Ransomware Attack Happening Now

Stemming from a series of cyber attacks against banks and utilities in Ukraine, now ransomware is spreading to other countries. This appears to be a Petya variant leveraging the Eternal Blue exploit. Sound familiar? It’s WannaCry take 2.


from Motherboard article June 27 2017

Countries so far: Russia, Ukraine, India, France, Spain and UK.

Per Costin Raiu, security researcher with Kaspersky Lab: “We are seeing several thousands of infection attempts at the moment, comparable in size to Wannacry’s first hours.”  MalwareHunterteam  told Motherboard “they believed the attack was from the same malware family as the one identified by Raiu.”

More updates to come. Please follow standard ransomware security practices.


Get an IR plan and playbook together if you don’t already have one. And make sure it addresses cyber attacks and incidents specifically. Appoint a crisis spokesperson. Because not everyone should have a turn with the talking stick!

Collaborate and communicate so we can act on this asap, get people on board and systems secured.

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