New and Improved!

Welcome to my bigger, better site! I really had to learn and earn my way up to this, and the goal is to make it worth your while to land here. Let this be a resource for you, an acknowledgement of the incredible talent within our community, a sharing of ideas and information to enrich our work and passion. So, in addition to my blog, because I just can’t seem to say enough about security, I have a daily updates section – my “catch of the day” offerings. As well, I have a page dedicated to resources, links to sites and people whose knowledge makes a difference, and my goto sources.  And then, because I am all about threat intel and connecting dots, I have added an entire section under “Event”. Here you’ll find what I’ve been compiling on my favourite categories to track trends and look for patterns: ransomware, APTs, banking heists, ICS SCADA  (whoa Stux!), DDoS, breaches and IoT Idiocy. Because when it comes to infosec & learning – I just can’t get enough.



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