An Unscheduled Hiatus


I know. It’s been a while. Life has a way of happening, and believe me, mine has been happening. I needed to take some personal time to just deal with everything and get my head above water.  Drama is messy stuff.

There’s a lot to be gained when you can leverage learning from personal experience.  And trust me, what I have to share in the months ahead will hopefully support others who’ve been through similar circumstances, and haven’t been able to regain their strength or their footing.  I’m just really, really glad to be back in a place again from where I can write, as I can breathe.

It has been a year of extraordinary highs and lows. I have been so fortunate to realize opportunities I’d only dreamed of, experiences that I will treasure for life, and answers to prayers I had not said aloud. As a counterbalance I have lived through what I would not wish on another human being, and had to give up what had been my life in order to rescue myself and reclaim my life. Cryptic? Well, I am @3ncr1pt3d for a reason.

Through all of this I have been blessed by friends who stood by me, steadfast and true, unlike other people in whom we are told to put our trust. These friendships stand as pillars of truth to me, reminders that it is worth fighting for what we believe, even when we think we stand to lose all, or fear we may stand alone. Family and home should never mean having to apologize for or explain who you are, or god forbid, being afraid or ashamed to be your own person. You, my friends, know who you are, and that you have my eternal gratitude and love. And I will be there for you, and for others, as you have been here for me.

Finding my way to the Security community was like finally finding my way home. I have met some extraordinary people on my journey, and am learning so much from them.  These relationships are gifts that enrich my life, just as everyday is a reward in itself of learning and personal growth. I know how lucky I am to find the thing I truly love, and do it.  But like many others here, the price I paid cannot be measured in dollars.

So now, here I am, resolute, renewed, and ready for the next stage of this great adventure. I hope you’ll join me!

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